ONEPLAN Link and TE 2017.2

ONEPLAN Link and TE 2017.2

The new functionality of the ONEPLAN RPLS-DB Link and TE backhaul planning systems in version 2017.2 has been added:

  • Web Map Service (Yandex, Google, 2GIS, OSM)
  • tools for fast and convenient data retrieval
  • forward and reverse geocoding
  • import/export the relief profile via exchange formats
  • IP address management
  • editing IP streams
  • display IP addresses in memos

In addition, improvements have been made in the methodology for calculating the radio relay links in part of:

  • account of terrain types, types of underlying surface
  • use of combined (spatial + frequency) diversity
  • analysis of the closed profiles
  • analysis of extended (more than 70 km) profiles
  • calculation of losses on obstacles in the range 100 MHz – 2 GHz

Updates are available on the technical support site for registered users. To get access to the technical support site or to clarify update conditions, please send a request to or fill out the feedback form with the current version of the software in the text field.