Transport networks


We are pleased to announce the release of the commercial version of the ONEPLAN CND program for calculating the communication network dependability.

The program allows assessing the compliance of design solutions with technical standards for reliability indicators on the basis of modeling the communication network as a set of information directions, nodes, and transmission channels. You can import network information from an Excel template file. The program calculates the readiness indicators for communication directions in accordance with GOST R 53111-2008 “Stability of the public telecommunications network. Requirements and verification methods “, as well as statistical method (Monte-Carlo).

A commercial offer or a demonstration can be requested by e-mail to, feedback on the website or by phone +7 812 590-77-11 / +7 921 740-92-77.

ONEPLAN Link and TE 2017.2

The new functionality of the ONEPLAN RPLS-DB Link and TE backhaul planning systems in version 2017.2 has been added:

  • Web Map Service (Yandex, Google, 2GIS, OSM)
  • tools for fast and convenient data retrieval
  • forward and reverse geocoding
  • import/export the relief profile via exchange formats
  • IP address management
  • editing IP streams
  • display IP addresses in memos

In addition, improvements have been made in the methodology for calculating the radio relay links in part of:

  • account of terrain types, types of underlying surface
  • use of combined (spatial + frequency) diversity
  • analysis of the closed profiles
  • analysis of extended (more than 70 km) profiles
  • calculation of losses on obstacles in the range 100 MHz – 2 GHz

Updates are available on the technical support site for registered users. To get access to the technical support site or to clarify update conditions, please send a request to or fill out the feedback form with the current version of the software in the text field.

Network Dependability

To assess the structural dependability of the communication network a new module has appeared in the ONEPLAN software. The module name is ONEPLAN CND (Communication Network Dependability). The module can be used autonomously or as part of the ONEPLAN planning and optimization software suite.

In ONEPLAN CND dependability assessment is implemented in accordance with GOST R 53111-2008, as well as statistical methods (Monte-Carlo). The requirements are standardized in accordance with the Order of the Ministry of Information Technologies and Communications of the Russian Federation of September 27, 2007, No. 113 “On Approval of Requirements for Organizational and Technical Support of Sustainable Operation of the Public Communication Network”.


The 14th annual ONEPLAN-2017 seminar organized by InfoTel together with the Branch “Information and telecommunication technologies” of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences was held June 28. The theme of the seminar: Communication, access and broadcasting networks. Topical issues of technological development.

The new capabilities of ONEPLAN software for planning multi-band, multi-standard, multiprotocol networks, including Internet of things, were demonstrated at the seminar. The new module was also introduced to calculate the structural reliability of communication networks.
Go to the seminar materials in Russian.