The ONEPLAN product family for automated planning and optimization of communication networks:

  • ONEPLAN RPLS-DB — comprehensive multifunctional network solution including modules:
    • RFP&NEO — radio frequency planning and optimization of mobile networks and BWA
    • Link — planning and optimization of MW links
    • TE — planning, support of operation and development of backhaul
  • ONEPLAN RPLS-XML — compact local solution for planning mobile networks and MW single hop links
  • ONEPLAN Sazon — autonomous solution for ensuring environmental safety by electromagnetic factor

Advantages of ONEPLAN software solutions:

  • 15 years of experience
  • Constant functional growth on the basis of industry requirements, users and review of similar solutions for both Russian and foreign developers
  • Full range of software products and services for planning and optimizing communication networks
  • The best solution by the criterion “Efficiency/Cost”