Planning and optimization of microwave links

Application area

Telecommunication industry
Oil and gas sector
Power engineering
Emergency support
Instrument making


Federal and regional telecom operators
Operators of radio access and broadcasting
Owners of telecommunication networks
Integrators, engineering organizations, and contractors of operators
Radio-frequency spectrum regulators
Equipment vendors
Sectoral educational institutions


Search for sites for the placement of radio relay equipment
Calculation of quality indices of single- and multi-hop radio relay links
Evaluation of the suitability of the MW links for a set of indicators
Optimization of technical and physical parameters of MW links
Autosearching equipment and antennas
Formation of frequency plans and estimation of EMC
Planning for point-to-multipoint access systems
Generating reports using custom templates


  • The application range for the calculation of communication links between the point and the zone: 30 MHz – 30 GHz, from point to point: 100 MHz – 350 GHz
  • Calculation of MW links in accordance with the firm methodology, GOST R 53363-2009; Methods of NIIR and sectoral research institutes; Recommendations of ITU-R
  • A wide range of built-in calibrated radio wave propagation models: deterministic, Ray tracing, statistical and empirical
  • Built-in directory with equipment parameters and templates
  • Support for spatial and frequency diversity, Adaptive Modulation Radio, Adaptive Modulation and Bandwidth Radio, passive repeaters
  • Export results to common graphic and text formats, Google Earth, AutoCAD

Advantages of ONEPLAN RPLS-DB Link

  • A full set of functionality for solving the problems of planning and optimizing radio relay communication in a simple interface for mastering and applying
  • Expansion of functionality for solving specific tasks in a short time
  • Time-tested reliability
  • Accuracy of results, proven in practice
  • The best price offer for a fully functional set

See also

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  • RFP&NEO — radio frequency planning and optimization of mobile networks and BWA
  • Link — planning and optimization of MW links
  • TE — planning, support of operation and development of backhaul

ONEPLAN RPLS-XML – compact local solution for planning of mobile networks and microwave single hop links
ONEPLAN Sazon — autonomous solution for ensuring environmental safety by electromagnetic factor