Automatic optimization of spatial and technical parameters of mobile communication networks, wireless access, and terrestrial broadcasting. Determination of adjustable parameters (AP – adjustable parameter) of network equipment, at which concrete and/or generalized indicators of network operation quality are improved, inclusive KPI – Key Performance Indicator.

Application area

Telecommunication industry
Oil and gas sector
Power engineering


Federal and regional telecom operators
Operators of radio access and broadcasting
Owners of telecommunication networks
Integrators, engineering organizations, and contractors of operators
Sectoral educational institutions


Automatic network optimization for the following indicators:

  • Coverage area of the sector
  • Area of overlapping sectors
  • Loss of area coverage of the sector due to interference
  • Area coverage of the sector, taking into account the interference
  • Traffic load factor of the sector
  • Network coverage area
  • Network overlapping area
  • Loss of network coverage due to interference
  • Area of network coverage with interference
  • Traffic load factor of the network
  • Area of network coverage taking into account interference and overload

Automatic estimation of financial costs associated with network optimization
Step-by-step optimization using the last best optimization state as the raw data


Optimizing RFP projects
Management of sector parameters:

  • Electrical antenna tilt
  • Mechanical antenna tilt
  • Antenna height
  • Antenna azimuth
  • Antenna type (model)
  • Power TRX
  • Number and frequency of TRX
  • Enable/disable sectors

Absolute and relative change of controlled parameters
Ability to enumerate sectors taking into account priorities
Various ways to optimize (simple direct and complex selectable)
Accounting for the requirements for individual sector and network quality indicators (KPI)
Load accounting according to statistics
Use of various algorithms for enumeration of controlled parameters:

  • Intellectual (aimed at all parameters)
  • Directed by one parameter
  • Sequential by one parameter
  • Random for all parameters
  • Complete in all respects

Reporting the results of optimization using tables, histograms, maps (comparison before and after optimization)


  • Flexible configuration
  • Full integration with the RFP software
  • The best price offer

See also

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