Automation planning for mobile and fixed radio networks

Application area

Telecommunication industry
Oil and gas sector
Power engineering
Emergency support
Instrument engineering


Federal and regional telecom operators
Operators of BWA and broadcasting
Integrators, engineering companies, and contractors of operators
Radio-frequency spectrum regulators
Equipment vendors
Industry educational institutions


Forecasting and optimization of network coverage
Identification of serving zones
Ensuring reliability requirements
Definition of service area
Providing communication of linear objects (roads, pipelines, borders)
Reducing interference
Frequency-spatial planning
Forming reports
Neighborhood planning
Real network analysis: statistics and measurements
Calibration of the radio wave propagation model based on the drive test results
Calculation of quality indices of radio relay communication intervals


  • One-click installation and quick start
  • File storage of projects
  • The maximum number of communication objects (sites) in one project is 1000
  • Support for multiprocessor calculations
  • Support for vector and raster layers, online maps, terrain/local objects (clatters)/elevations of clatters, traffic matrices
  • Support for coordinate systems GSK-2011, SK-42/95, WGS-84
  • The application range for the calculation of communication links between the point and the zone: 30 MHz – 30 GHz, from point to point: 100 MHz to 350 GHz
  • Calculation of single-hop MW links  in accordance with the proprietary methodology, GOST R 53363-2009; methods of NIIR and sectoral research institutes; Recommendations of ITU-R
  • A wide range of built-in calibrated radio wave propagation models: deterministic, Ray tracing, statistical and empirical
  • Modeling of radio communication networks of various standards, including:
    • GSM/GPRS/EDGE, GSM-R cellular communication networks
    • MPT 1327, TETRA, DMR  professional mobile radio
    • WiMAX, McWiLL, Wi-Fi broadband wireless access systems
    • T-DAB, DVB-H, DVB-T, DVB-T2 analog and digital broadcasting networks
    • Radar networks and direction finding (special edition)
    • Built-in directory with equipment parameters and templates
    • Export results to common graphical, text and table formats; Google Earth; AutoCAD


  • A full set of functionality for solving the problems of planning and optimizing the networks in a simple interface for mastering and applying
  • Expanding the capacity to solve specific tasks in a short time
  • Does not require additional software
  • Time-tested reliability
  • Accuracy of results, proven in practice
  • The best price offer for a fully functional set

See also

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  • RFP&NEO — radio frequency planning and optimization of mobile networks and BWA
  • Link — planning and optimization of MW links
  • TE — planning, support of operation and development of backhaul

ONEPLAN Sazon — autonomous solution for ensuring environmental safety by electromagnetic factor