Definition of sanitary-protective and zones of building restriction from transmitting radio engineering objects

Application area

Telecommunication industry
Oil and gas sector
Power engineering
Instrument making


Wireless operators and broadcasters
Owners/tenants of the transmitting radio engineering objects
Integrators, project organizations, and contractors of operators
Radio-frequency spectrum regulators
Equipment vendors


Perform calculations of EMF indicators for any transmitting radio engineering object, several objects; in horizontal planes at given altitudes, in vertical planes along given azimuths and between any points, at control points
Integral evaluation of the EMF with the mapping of external boundaries and the internal structure of the restricted zones
The construction of graphs of the change in field strength, energy flux density and safety factor, depending on the range and azimuth of the direction
Forming tabular representation of zones in horizontal section at given heights
Export of calculation results for the preparation of an application for obtaining a sanitary and epidemiological certificate for the location and operation of the transmitting radio engineering object


Using the antenna database
Import of antenna patterns from the files * .msi, adf, csv (MMANA), xml (ONEPLAN)
Ability to automatically download the configuration of the transmitting radio engineering object from ONEPLAN
Import of the project from PC AEMO
Use in calculations of the maximum permissible level of radiation according to SanPiN, with the possibility of editing by the user
Accounting for reflection and absorption in local items
Manual creation of buildings or autoloading with heights from web sources
Support for coordinate systems GSK-2011, SK-42/95, WGS-84
Direct and reverse geocoding
Displaying zones of restriction on vector, raster (including situational plan) or online maps
3D restricted zones in KML format
Using report templates with user editing capabilities

Normative documents for the calculation of sanitary-protective and zones of building restriction (сan be extended by request)

MUK 4.3.1167-02 “Determination of the energy flux density of the electromagnetic field in the locations of radio facilities operating in the frequency range 300 MHz – 300 GHz”
MUK 4.3.1677-03 “Determination of the levels of the electromagnetic field created by radiating technical means of television, FM broadcasting and base stations of land mobile radio communications” (instead of MUK 4.3.045-96 and MUK 4.3.046-96 in the part of base stations, is applicable in the range Frequencies 27-2400 MHz)
SanPiN 2.1.8 / “Hygienic requirements for the location and operation of land mobile radio communications” (27 – 2,400 MHz)
SanPiN 2.1.8 / “Hygienic requirements for the location and operation of transmitting radio facilities” (30 kHz – 300 GHz)
SanPiN 2.1.8 / “Hygienic requirements for the location and operation of radio transmission facilities. Changes №1 to SanPiN 2.1.8 /”

ONEPLAN Sazon advantages

Simple interface and high-speed calculations
The possibility of expanding the functional for solving practical tasks in a short time
Full integration with ONEPLAN

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