Ensuring national security. Support for making timely and reasonable decisions to provide the required coverage area for communication networks with mobile objects and radio access systems, the specified reliability of microwave links and the capacity of transport communication networks, taking into account the geographical and climatic features of the deployment area, based on automation of calculating tasks in the ONEPLAN environment.

Planning Objects

Special purpose communication networks
Emergency communication networks
Military communication networks
Navigation and direction finding networks


Planning of radio communication networks and broadband wireless access
Planning of ground navigation and direction finding networks
Ensuring requirements for the reliability of radio relay lines with an assessment of electromagnetic compatibility, reconnaissance and noise protection
Automatic accounting of E1/IP flows, route search, modeling of the capacity of transport communication networks
Transport infrastructure
HF radio link calculations

InfoTel’s software

ONEPLAN RPLS-DB – comprehensive multifunctional network solution including modules:

  • RFP & NEO – radio frequency planning and optimization of mobile networks and broadband wireless access
  • Link – planning and optimization of MW links
  • TE – planning, support of operation and development of backhaul

ONEPLAN RPLS-XML – compact local solution for planning mobile networks and MW single hop links
ONEPLAN Sazon – autonomous solution for ensuring environmental safety by electromagnetic factor

InfoTel’s services

Customization, implementation, maintenance