Development of design solutions to minimize technical and economic risks in the deployment and operation, modernization and optimization, the introduction of new technologies and the expansion of professional communication networks based on modeling in ONEPLAN.

Planning Objects

Technological communication networks
Professional/Private Mobile Radio (PMR) or Land Mobile Radio (LMR)
Trunking networks
Conventional networks
Broadband Wireless Access (BWA)
Telemetry lines
Transport networks


Designing GSM-R, LTE-R, eLTE, MPT 1327, TETRA, DMR, WiMAX, Wi-Fi
Provision of radio communication of linear objects
Planning and optimization of transport networks built on radio relay links
Capacity planning and support for the operation of TDM/IP transport networks at the level of information flows and services, the solution of analytical tasks to improve the efficiency of operation
Ensuring the structural reliability of communication networks
Health safety by electromagnetic factor

InfoTel’s software

ONEPLAN RPLS-DB – comprehensive multifunctional network solution including modules:

  • RFP & NEO – radio frequency planning and optimization of mobile networks and broadband wireless access
  • Link – planning and optimization of MW links
  • TE – planning, support of operation and development of backhaul

ONEPLAN RPLS-XML – compact local solution for planning mobile networks and MW single hop links
ONEPLAN Sazon – autonomous solution for ensuring environmental safety by electromagnetic factor

InfoTel’s services

Customization, implementation, maintenance
Designing and optimizing networks
Map and DTM/DEM/DLU supply