14th annual seminar ONEPLAN-2017, organized by InfoTel together with the branch “Information and Telecommunication Technologies” of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences, took place at June 28.

Theme of the seminar: Communication, access and broadcasting networks. Topical issues of technological development.

Venue of the seminar: St. Petersburg, ul. Tverskaya, 22, conference hall of the Smolninskaya Hotel.

We thank representatives of operators, radio-frequency centers, industry design organizations and educational institutions for participate in the seminar!

The following key issues was discussed at the seminar:

Topic Organization
1 Features of technologies and use of radio-frequency spectrum in IoT/ M2M networks, their account at optimization and planning. ITT RAEN
2 Integrated decision support system for planning and optimization of radio communication, access and broadcasting networks based on ONEPLAN technology platform. Assignment, tasks to be solved and the composition of the software. InfoTel
3 Networks for radio access, mobile communications, and broadcasting. Features of the preparation of solutions for the deployment, modernization, and optimization of professional, multi-standard LTE/UMTS/GSM and IoT/M2M networks based on the ONEPLAN RPLS-DB RFP&NEO modeling. InfoTel
4 Transport network and development of radio access technologies. Support of operation and justification of development trends with the ONEPLAN RPLS-DB TE standalone software module. InfoTel
5 Features of the accounting of trends in the development of radio relay communication in the automation of decision making on their planning and optimization using ONEPLAN RPLS-DB Link. InfoTel
6 Safety by electromagnetic factor. Preparation of solutions for the deployment and operation of radio means using the ONEPLAN Sazon standalone module. InfoTel
7 Summarizing the technical support of ONEPLAN RPLS users. Services for quality control and optimization of communication networks, online services. InfoTel
8 Features of mapping support for planning of radio communication networks. InfoTel
9 Messages from partner companies.