Planning and optimization, support for the operation of TDM/IP/MPLS/Ethernet/IMS transport networks


Federal and regional telecom operators
Operators of radio access and broadcasting
Owners of telecommunication networks
Integrators and contractors of operator
Equipment vendors
Industry educational institutions and universities


Storage of information about the structure of the transport network, routes of TDM, VLAN, VPN flows and working documents in a unified database
Visualization of the transport network topology, properties of objects and failure situations on the map
Automatic search for optimal routes and routes of protection to include new services, new BSs
Optimization of routes for existing services in case of topology changes or Backhaul load during the equipment upgrading or dismantling
Modeling traffic growth and analysis of transport network capabilities during the implementing of new technologies
Failure location
Audit of the projects
Capacity planning and bottlenecks identifying
Analysis of scenarios “What if …” and “What will suffer …”
Estimating of QoS delays
Forming of reports and memos

InfoTel’s software solutions

ONEPLAN RPLS-DB TE – planning, support for the operation and development of transport communication networks