Planning and optimization of transport networks built on radio relay facilities


Federal and regional telecom operators
Operators of broadband wireless access and broadcasting
Owners of telecommunication networks
Integrators, engineering companies, contractors of operator
Equipment vendors
Industry educational institutions and universities


Search for sites for the installation of radio relay equipment
Calculation of quality indices of single- and multi-hop microwave links
Evaluation of the suitability of the radio relay lines for a set of indicators
Optimization of technical and physical parameters of RRL
Equipment and antennas autoselection
Formation of frequency plans and estimation of electromagnetic compatibility
Planning for point-to-multipoint access systems
Generating of reports based on preferred customer templates

InfoTel’s software solutions

ONEPLAN RPLS-DB Link – planning and optimization of radio relay lines, point-to-point and point-to-multipoint systems
ONEPLAN RPLS-XML – planning of single-hop radio relay lines