Planning and optimization of GSM/WCDMA/LTE and CDMA/LTE cellular networks


Federal and regional telecom operators
Owners of telecommunication networks
Integrators, engineering companies, contractors of operator
Equipment vendors
Industry educational institutions and universities

Network modeling

All bands of GSM, UMTS, CDMA, LTE standards as per specifications
Frequency Hopping, Power Control, DTX, AMR, MIMO, Smart Antennas
Modeling of multi-standard GSM/UMTS/LTE or CDMA/LTE networks (common sites, multi-band antennas, Handover, and interference)

Radio-wave propagation modeling

Built-in radio-wave propagation models
Automatic calibration of models based on measurement results

Traffic modeling

Modeling of subscriber equipment and subscriber categories
Simulation of traffic profiles (speech, data, video)
Import of real network traffic
Overload modeling

Service Planning

Network coverage for UP and DOWN link
Served population
Analysis and reduction of interference, Pilot pollution
HR/FR/EFR/AMR service areas
Speech Quality (MOS)
Downlink/uplink speed taking into account interference and traffic
GPRS/EDGE/EDGE Evolution throughput
HSPA/HSPA+ throughput
1xRTT/EVDO throughput
LTE/LTE-A throughput

Neighborhood planning

Manual, semi- and automatic planning of neighbors
Display and edit neighbors on the map
Importing and exporting a list of neighbors

Automated frequency-code planning

Customizable parameters and distribution criteria
Manual, semi- and automatic frequency distribution
Full distribution and partial frequency distribution
Distribution of parameters FH (HSN, MAIO, MAL)
Intermodulation distribution
Various schemes of frequency reuse (SFR, FFR, PFR)
Automatic allocation of SC, PN, PCI, RSI


Identification of problem sectors as a result of analysis of measurements and statistics
Automatic coverage and network capacity optimization
Automatic placement of BS with the regard to traffic, local items, including along the roads and railways
Automatic placement of BS from greenfield or brownfield

InfoTel’s software solutions

ONEPLAN RPLS-DB RFP & NEO – radio-frequency planning and optimization of mobile networks and BWA