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Webinar ONEPLAN-2018

We invite telecommunication specialists to three webinars “Communication, Access and Broadcasting Networks. Topical issues of technological development “.

This year for your convenience and global accessibility, we will hold our annual seminar in an online format.

Learn the secrets of competent and economically justified planning of networks in the current conditions of preparation for 5G and become the owner of unique knowledge that will increase your expert level. Ask questions about network planning and the calculation of sanitary protection zones.

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Article about ONEPLAN-2017

The article “Frequency-territorial planning of the IoT epoch”, which covers the annual seminar of the InfoTel company, was published in the journal FIRST MILE.

You can read the text of the article in Russian here.

See the list of InfoTel publications.

ONEPLAN Sazon article

Another article about the InfoTel’s software “Wireless communication and the principle “Do no harm”: ONEPLAN Sazon” was published. The article deals with the ONEPLAN Sazon software, intended for determining of boundaries of sanitary protection zones and zones of restricted construction from transmitting radio engineering objects. The full text of the article in Russian is available here. See the list of InfoTel’s publications.


The 14th annual ONEPLAN-2017 seminar organized by InfoTel together with the Branch “Information and telecommunication technologies” of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences was held June 28. The theme of the seminar: Communication, access and broadcasting networks. Topical issues of technological development.

The new capabilities of ONEPLAN software for planning multi-band, multi-standard, multiprotocol networks, including Internet of things, were demonstrated at the seminar. The new module was also introduced to calculate the structural reliability of communication networks.
Go to the seminar materials in Russian.