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Network Dependability

To assess the structural dependability of the communication network a new module has appeared in the ONEPLAN software. The module name is ONEPLAN CND (Communication Network Dependability). The module can be used autonomously or as part of the ONEPLAN planning and optimization software suite.

In ONEPLAN CND dependability assessment is implemented in accordance with GOST R 53111-2008, as well as statistical methods (Monte-Carlo). The requirements are standardized in accordance with the Order of the Ministry of Information Technologies and Communications of the Russian Federation of September 27, 2007, No. 113 “On Approval of Requirements for Organizational and Technical Support of Sustainable Operation of the Public Communication Network”.

GSK-2011 support

New versions of ONEPLAN software include full support for GSK-2011: data input, output on a map, export reports. This coordinate system is installed as a single state with 1.1.17 for the Resolution of the Russian Government dated 28.12.16.